The word “attack” is not only belong to martial arts or military. In IT world we also use this term “attack” to describe an action that is done by a system to damage or destroy the target system / network. In this article we will discuss what is cyber attack: DOS, DDOS, bruteforce. these attack usually related to each others.

The term attack has been describe above, now lets talk about the kinds of cyber attack: DOS, DDOS, bruteforce:

  • DOS (Denial Of Service): meaning target system will be attacked until the services on target system are down. for example: online shop, registration page, etc. In technical implementation, the attacker will generate lots of request to target system until the target system cannot handle it anymore.For your information, on target system, serving an incoming requires resources (CPU processing, RAM, and harddisk). Therefore, if the resources is not big enough to handle request, target system will be very slow, hence will deny the incoming request (Denial of service).
  • DDOS (Distributed DOS): this means amplified DOS. Basically, a DOS attack that is done by using multiple computers. Usually, these computers are infected-computers which are controlled by a server in the internet (command server). this server then will send command to do DOS on target.
  • Bruteforce. this means attacker wants to get in to target system by guessing the authentication. For example: wordpress application has login page where attacker tries username and password to login to the page. of course this attack will not be done manually, as it will take a very loong time. hahaha :-D. The attacker usually has a database of usernames and passwords that are commonly used in the world. With a help of robot application, it can do bruteforce attack to target system automatically without human intervention.

Any example of cyber attack?
See this case

Thats all, thank you for reading

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