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This website is created as a journal to write stories about mikrotik implementation and a collection of tips to make your network better. Even though the website name is mikrotik.tips, and Mikrotik is the main topic of many articles here, we also discuss other vendors too, as we realise customers are more concerned with reliability and interoperability.


Latest blogs

Intranet vs Extranet
June 11, 2018
Intranet vs Extranet. Untuk beberapa orang mungkin istilah ini sudah tidak asing lagi, tapi bagaimana dengan yang lain? apa sih intranet itu? atau apa itu extra
Why it is a bad idea to block youtube IP address?
January 5, 2018
so, at my client's office, there was a need to block youtube access during working hours (08:00-17:00). the local administrator there tried to create rules ...
How well you understand the OSI layer?
November 14, 2017
How well you understand the OSI layer? just take the quiz below. notes: - randomised questions - duration is 180 seconds
October 2017, ISP load balancing with Mikrotik Nth
October 19, 2017
In this webinar, we discussed an advanced topic of mikrotik firewall features: nth packet matcher. we assumed the readers already have a solid understanding of ...

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